Rails on Rubinius

We hit a major milestone tonight. As most people know, we’ve been working to run Rails on Rubinius by RailsConf to have something to show off, even if it’s pretty slow.

Well, I’m super proud to say that tonight, rails served up both static and dynamic pages under Rubinius. Previous to tonight, we’d been blocked just trying to get Rails to even load. I decided to just try loading it up and bang on it enough to get it up and going.

In a scary way, it didn’t take very much code. Which meant we were very close already.

It’s pretty late, so I’m going to keep this short. Big thanks to everyone who’s contributed to Rubinius and had faith in us. Enormous thanks to Engine Yard, without whom I don’t know if we’d been able to reach this amazing height.

More updates to come…

70 thoughts on “Rails on Rubinius

  1. Does it *really* scale? I mean, I am building the “next Facebook”, and even I don’t have still a single access, I really need to have 100% sure that it will scale for kazillions of access per second, because [lots of buzzwords here].

    Nice one, Evan. I am really looking to play a bit with Rails on Rubinius😉.

    Congratulations for all your great work…

  2. Suhweet!

    Congrats, guys … you’re hard work is very, very appreciated!

    And, yeah, Engine Yard does kick some serious tail.

    Keep up the great work!

  3. you guys are amazing… the rubinus project is a great effort, and getting rails to run on it is just extraordinary.

  4. wow

    I dont use rails myself (i use and❤ ruby and my own smallish webframework) but since rails was often touted as “killer app”, i guess rubinius has really stepped up a LARGE step towards the goal

  5. A New Ruby World has emerged. Congratulations.

    SoftMind Technology
    —-An Unblinking Eye on Ruby and Recent trends in Web Technology —

  6. Senthill:

    I wouldn’t bother yet. Rubinius is still really slow because of all the Ruby code we run compared to MRI for similar functionality. Getting the performance up is our next goal, now that we’re hitting compatibility.

  7. Charles L:

    This is using shotgun. We’re still working on the C++ VM, trying to not rush it and get it right.

  8. Congrats, it is really a big milestone hit by Rubinius team. So, when do rubinius will be able to run on windows? never?

  9. We will run on windows eventually. We’ve started a little to make this possible. The problem is that we’ve had no Windows developers until recently, so that makes it hard to port.

    If any Windows programmers out there want to help, let us know!

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