EY Rubinius sprint

Brian, Wilson, Ryan, Eric, myself, and a rotating cast of dozens are having the first of many Rubinius sprints here in beautiful San Francisco.

In addition to getting all kinds of great code done, we’ve been filling out a lot of paperwork, because I’m proud to official announce that Ryan Davis and Eric Hodel are now officially EY employees, working on Rubinius!!!
This has been a few months in the works, and I’m thrilled that it was worked out as well as it has. Eric has been working hard on getting rubygems running, while Ryan has continue to plug along on his new ruby parser. I can’t say enough about the skills that these guys bring to the project.

In addition to Ryan and Eric, Wilson Bilkovich and Brian Ford will be starting with EY to be paid to work on Rubinius in the January. Again, I’m so amazed and thrilled that EY is providing Rubinius with the funds to let these guys work on a project they love fulltime.

More to come on the details of the sprint. We’re deep into day 3 and getting a lot done.

6 thoughts on “EY Rubinius sprint

  1. Evan, what you are doing is history in the making. Rubinius might well become the vehicle for the next generation of computing including clients, servers, Web, grids, games – in both industry and academia.

    I personally can’t wait to start playing with v. 1.

    Keep up the great work!


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